• Uv protection

    UV protection with perfect illumination

  • Prolong Color

    Prolong the life and colour of your furniture and furnishings.

  • Sunny day

    Enjoy a sunny day without UV risk or excessive heat and glare.

  • Buildings

    Achieve a “green solution” for commercial buildings.

  • rotection, Privacy

    A range of films for: Protection and Privacy

  • Family Care

    Avoid Broken Glass injuries from impact, earthquake or explosion.

Window tinting

Is a process widely used in many residential and commercial buildings due to safety and security issues, harsh sunlightn, UV rays which cause glare, fading of precious items and reduced work production in offices.
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  • Freephone:0800 345-684 (Filmtint)
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We are the solution

Are you are worried about your furnishings fading from the sun's intense UV rays, glare streaming through your windows, or your room heating up in the summer and freezing during winter?
Is your privacy being invaded by neighbours, or are you are concerned that the glass in your home is a safety hazard to children?
Is glare streaming through the windows of your office and onto computer screens, causing a lack of productivity amongst employees?
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About Us

Tint-a-window Manawatu provides answers to many glass concerns - both at home and in the workplace. We offer a competitive service for all your film needs being accredited members and licensed applicators of the Window Film Association of Australia & New Zealand. We are open from 11am to 5pm Monday - Friday and are often staffed early in the mornings as well.

You are welcome to ring us if you would like an appointment to come in at a different time on
We accept Eftpos, Cheque, Cash, Direct Debit, Visa and Mastercard

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Tint-A-Window are proud to have been helping our clients since 2000

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